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Write Efficient CSS, save Browser’s efforts, optimize for speed. Write clean, semantic html with well organised, maintainable CSS. Important principles and more.

The presentation, content, and behavior should always be separate. These should exist and maintained individually. Your markup should be well-formed, it should be semantically correct and it should be generally valid. Presentation and layouts should never depend upon JavaScript. JS should just progressively enhance the experience. And Yes, inefficient css can reduce the page speed . . . read more

Pseudo Class Selectors work on Beforehand too

Pseudo class selectors have always been there, we have used them indefinite times to make our states more cooler and interactive. We have always appended them at the end like a:hover but here I am talking about something on beforehand like: and yes this declaration works too. Such css can be really helpful sometimes, It’s . . . read more

Do not bloat less / sass nested rules, do not kill reusability 1

Wherever possible, we should avoid nested rules in less/sass. When you start using less/sass and the way you can create nested rules to compile to full css, it is so Cool, but I found my team creating nested and overqualified rules automatically. We were happy about it, thinking all the css for a section will . . . read more

Neat & clean html conditional classes

We have been using html conditional classes for a couple of years now. We have always talked about neat and clean code. Out of all the things, your html conditional classes should be neat and clean, precise, compact and targeted correctly. After-all, this is the very first thing you serve. Lets look at the most . . . read more

Checklist before merging / pushing changes to main branch

In the various git workflows you use, you always have a main branch, reserved for the stable code, the mainstream deployments and the version tagging. We touch these branches with precaution and care, right. Now in the agile development process we need to do rebases and merges often. That’s the necessary part. Now these rebases . . . read more

Selector and Options independent jQuery coding

We all have passed that phase, our big and long script.js contained nothing but plugins initializing scripts and their options configuration scripts. There was a strong need of following two things: Make jQuery plugin initialization independent Store all the configuration in markup itself And then came in the data attributes in HTML5, just at the . . . read more